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Skills4Life™ is possibly the most unique, affordable and complete online based personal IT training program ever developed. 

call 1-877-570-0449 for today's discount price! 



The Skills4Life™ development program from Affordable Training is a unique Innovative training package like no other. 2 years unlimited training and support to get you multi-skilled and multi-certified for the best job in IT!

Skills4Life Program™ - Toll-free 1-877-570-0449 for special discount pricing!                

The benefits of our unique 2 Year Skills4Life™ program:


Unlimited Online Instructor-Led Training, Practice Exam Simulators and Study Books

You get unlimited online Instructor-led training over a period of 2 years including study guides, practice tests and 'hands-on' lab simulations. PLUS access to our password protected student support website. 

This unique program prepares you to earn the maximum as a multi-certified, multi-skilled IT Professional.



Unlimited Practice Exam Simulators

Our exam simulators are the closest replication to the real exam! Exams are presented in a randomized, timed format. Our exam simulator will break down your test results just like the testing center by objective. It will also allow you to customize your testing options and only study the materials you feel need additional test preparation time.


Unlimited Virtual 'Hands-On' Practical Labs

The Sybex virtual 'hands-on' practical labs simulate the environment for our Microsoft, Cisco and CompTia courses in our Skills4Life™ Program, providing the opportunity to gain hands-on skills needed to not only approach the exam with confidence but also prove your skills in a real working environment. 

It's an affordable alternative to expensive lab equipment and simulates features and functions unavailable with a simple evaluation of the software.


Unlimited Certified eBook Study Guides



  A complete line of e-books to offer a complete training solution. Our courses include e-books for CompTIA, CISCO and Microsoft certifications  
The Power Learning System™

Our Power Learning System Gives You:

  • Master Class Theory Training Seminars

  • Demonstration of the Theory Training Seminars

  • Practical Hands-On Simulation Exercises

  • Test Exams with a Powerful Test Engine

  • Comprehensive Support 


Career Support, Skills4Life™ Learning Contract and Work Experience

In addition to the training provided by the Skills4Life™ program you will also get the following benefits:

  • CV writing support and workshop

  • You will also be issued with a 'SKills4Life™ Learning Contract' with an agreed learning program between yourself and Affordable Training - this helps you gain as much as possible from Skills4Life™.

  • Locating work experience to help you find work. After you have gained your first certification we will help you locate relevant work experience (in your local area or outside) before you start applying for jobs. This is very important as your CV needs to reflect hands-on 'real-world' experience alongside your certification if you are truly succeed as an IT professional.

  • Ongoing career advice on what new skills you need to earn more money.


Funding Support via EasyPay

In addition to the training provided by the Skills4Life™ program you will also get help on funding:

  • Spread the cost of your training over 4, 12 (interest free), 24 or 36 months (19.9%) with EasyPay.

  • To qualify you need to be employed and have a US bank account.

  • To see if you qualify just call 1-877-570-0449 today!


Multiple IT Career Tracks - At No Extra Charge!

You will have the flexibility to change career tracks without having to pay any extra whatsover! maybe you would like to develop different advanced IT skills in your second year to earn more money (great for IT contractors) - no problem - just carry on training and advance the skills you have developed in your first year for no extra charge!

Just imagine - you are an IT contractor and would like to get more lucrative contracts, use the Skills4Life™ package and you can have unlimited online instructor-led IT training and practice exams 'on tap' for 2 years!

OR you're a beginner starting a programming course and not enjoying it and want to switch to a networking course - no problem - just pick another career track course and carry on training for no extra charge! You can choose between the following IT career tracks on the Skills4Life ™ program over 2 years:


Network Engineer Track - Toll-free 1-877-570-0449 for special discount pricing! 

A Network Engineer, also know as a senior systems administrator, network analyst, LAN or WAN administrator, network architect is an IT professional who designs and manages and organization's LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network). This includes selecting or recommending the hardware and software to meet an organization's IT needs as well as managing the roll-out and maintenance of the proposed system.

Duties of a network engineer include the analysis of an organization's business needs and then the related design, implementation and maintenance of the network.

A network engineer often starts out as a network administrator and may move to specialist roles such as wireless or security.

The Skills4Life™ training path for a Network Engineer is:


.NET Programmer Track - Toll-free 1-877-570-0449 for special discount pricing! 

A .NET Programmer, also known as an applications developer, software developer, junior to intermediate software engineer is an IT professional who creates programs that run either on the web or a particular operating system.

Duties of a .NET Programmer include specifying a product, designing a system to meet specifications, coding, testing the product and its maintenance. The idea of a techie 'nerd' coding away in a room all alone is a thing of the past. With the complexity of modern systems increased interpersonal skills are now required to the job.

A .NET Programmer generally achieves more and more importance within the organization. As time passes they will either continue to specialize and move into roles such as lead developer, systems or project manager. 

The Skills4Life™ training path for a .NET Programmer is:


Database Administrator Track - Toll-free 1-877-570-0449 for special discount pricing! 

A Database Administrator, also known as a database analyst or database developer is an IT professional who manages information that is typically critical to the success of an organization. This data oversight includes knowing which data to store, how to organize that data, how to secure and preserve that data and how to provide that data in such a way as to answer business queries.

Duties of a database administrator include the installation, performance and maintenance of a database management system. Proficiency with SQL (Structured Query Language) is a must!

A database administrator generally has increasing work opportunities within the same organization as a data expert.  

The Skills4Life™ training path for a Database Administrator is:


Web Developer Track - Toll-free 1-877-570-0449 for special discount pricing! 

A Web Developer, also known as a web Programmer, web designer and back-end applications Programmer is an IT professional who creates programs that run predominately on the web and are accessible via the internet or local intranet.

Duties of a web developer include specifying an online system, designing and coding a web application, testing and integration.

A web developer can progress onto becoming a lead web application developer commanding a higher salary within an organization.

The Skills4Life™ training path for a Web Developer is:

  • CompTia Inet+ (Certified Webmaster Foundation)

  • MCAD (Microsoft Certified (web) Applications Developer)

  • HTML and Java Script Programming

  • Microsoft Frontpage 2003

  • Macromedia Dreamweaver MX

  • Macromedia Flash MX

  • Macromedia Fireworks MX

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Adobe AfterEffects

  • Adobe GoLive

  • Adobe Premiere


IT Security Professional Track - Toll-free 1-877-570-0449 for special discount pricing! 

An IT Security Professional, also known as a security analyst, security designer and secure applications Programmer is an IT professional who creates and maintains security systems that run predominately on a companies network or within its core business function.

Duties of a security professional include specifying a secure system, designing and coding a secure application, testing and integration.

A security professional can progress onto becoming a lead security specialist developer commanding a higher salary within an organization.

The Skills4Life™ training path for an IT Security Specialist is:


Skills4Life™ Library - Toll-free 1-877-570-0449 for special discount pricing!  

If you are an IT professional or organization and would like to have access to training 'on-tap' for just 1 price then the Skills4Life program is also for you. Imagine having unlimited access over 2 years to the full library of online 'instructor-led' training below:

  • CompTia Bootcamps (A+, Network+, Server+, Project+, Security+, Linux+, CDIA+) 

  • Cisco Bootcamps (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, Cisco Wireless)

  • Microsoft Bootcamps (MCP, MOS, MCDST, MCSA, MCSE, MCDBA,,

  • CISSP, CWNA, Macromedia, Adobe, HTML, Java, Javascript and much more!


Affordable Training's 'Ask an Expert' Support Service and Work Experience Locater Program

Our exclusive “Ask an Expert” mentoring allows our learners to ask questions at any time, anywhere and receive a response from our experts within a very short period of time. PLUS we will locate local work experience for you to help you find a job after your course. Affordable Training is committed to YOUR training experience!

PLUS access to our eCampus student support site, unlimited lab simulations, unlimited exam simulations, unlimited downloadable e-study guides, unlimited tutor support and much more...

You also get a FREE upgrade to live mentor support when you start the Skills4Life™ program.

For more information on exam costs and how and where to take them please click here




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