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Become an Affordable Training reseller and dramatically increase your profit margins today!

Get full marketing support from a leader in CBT training and join us. 




Affordable Training is possibly the most unique and affordable CD-ROM and online based certified training course provider ever.

Reseller Opportunities

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed

If you are looking for a training product with massive profit potential in a growing marketplace then our solutions could be just what you are looking for. Resell our training products and we will help you to grow your business fast. By selling our training solutions you will get help to out maneuver your competition, generate higher profit margins than the competition, out think and out compete your closest rivals and sky rocket your sales in the process!  

Margin Improvement Guarantee - A Risk Free Way To Grow Your Business.

We are looking for resellers who are looking for high profit revenue streams that will boost their business. If you already an existing reseller selling competing training products we guarantee to boost your profit margins by giving you the best possible reseller discount. 

Sale and Return Risk Free Guarantee

Buying new products can be risky. Often many companies have a significant amount of capital tied up in stock. We don’t want to tie your money up. Our Sale and Return Risk FREE guarantee takes this risk away from you.  If after 3 months you are unable to sell any particular product then return for a credit towards your best selling affordable training course. Therefore you are able to liquidate tied up capital more easily.

Our ideal target audience have been successfully selling training to other companies and individuals for at least 3 years and have a sound commitment to growing the business.

Top Marketing Support

Once you become a reseller of Affordable Training we will show you how to….

  • Boost your sales and improve your profit margins
  • Generate qualified leads
  • Resell back to your existing customers
  • Web design
  • Implement Risk Free Guarantees to boost enrolments
  • Provide you with consultative help for internet and print advertising
  • And much more

How To Become an Affordable Training Reseller

Simply phone our office on 1-877-570-0449 This initial telephone meeting will be an informal discussion about your company and what you would like to achieve.

Alternatively, send an email with a short introduction into the background of your company to 


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