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  We have managed to capture the World's Best Certified IT Instructors to present courses in a clear, easy to understand manner - which is much easier to follow than manuals.





Walk into any computer bookstore in the world and you will find a list of our world-class instructors on the book shelves - they have authored books for Microsoft, CompTia and Cisco Press all over the world!

World Class IT Instructors

Below is a list of our world class instructors who will be training you:


Gary Grudzinskas

Mr. Gary Grudzinskas, Gary holds many certifications including MCSE, MCSA, MCSE +1, MCDBA, MCT, Master CIW, A+, and CCNA. He has an MA degree in Communications, several years of technical contracting experience and has trained thousands of technicians. Gary's first training experience came when he was awared a TA (teaching assistanship) at the Edward R. Murrow school of Communication at Washington State University. In the second year he was elected president of the student run television station, Cable 8. During this time, Gary grew cable 8 into one of the nation's top student run stations and instituted local advertising. Gary produced a 3 hour documentary about Ed Murrow which is still used in classes at the university. For his achievements at WSU, Gary was honored with the top award for communication students: The Director's Award for Outstanding Student Leadership - inaugural recipient.


Bill Ferguson

Mr. Bill Ferguson, MCT, MCSE, MCP+I, CCSI, CCNA, A+, Network+, Server+ has been in the computer industry for over 15 years. Originally, in technical sales and sales management with Sprint, Bill made his transition to Certified Technical Trainer in 1997 with ExecuTrain. Bill now runs his own company as an independent contractor in Birmingham, Alabama, teaching classes for most of the national training companies and some regional training companies as well as many corporations. In addition, Bill writes and produces technical training material for several companies. 

Bill keeps his skills sharp by being a technical reviewer for books and sample tests. Bill says, “My job is to understand the material so well that I can make it easier for my students to learn than it was for me to learn.”


Byron B Aulick

Mr. Byron B. Aulick has personally been involved with imaging for eighteen years and is a Certified Document Imaging Architect himself. His company has been providing training and office-automation solutions since 1993, with a primary focus on EDMS Technology (electronic document management systems), including: imaging systems, workflow, COLD, forms processing and systems design. In keeping with the advancements in technology, the company now offers "Internet Document Management" as an ASP solution. Mr. Aulick is recognized as an outstanding instructor, and is passionate about document imaging which shows through his teaching. 


Javier Mascal

Javier Mariscal is a dynamic and enthusiastic MCSE, MCT, CNE, CNI & CompTIA Network+ Certified Instructor with years of technical training and hands-on experience.


Shawn Oliver

Shawn Oliver is a training specialist in the Microsoft Office applications. He is an MCP, MCT and MOUS Certified Instructor. Oliver's straightforward approach and easy to understand deliveries present the viewer with a relaxed approach to the complex information contained within the Office Training.


Tcat Houser

Tcat Houser (CTT+, Network+, I-Net+, Server+, Security+, MCSE+I, etc) - Mr. Tcat Houser first garnered his technical experience in the United States Signal Corps in the 1960’s. Mr. Houser has continued to make his mark by training the IT industry and as an IT watchdog. He has lead efforts to keep standards open, certifications inexpensive, and bogus identity stealing web sites off-line. He has authored several books, test simulators, and white papers. Mr. Houser was personally asked by the state of Washington and the Boeing corporation to lead a technical training facility which would fill a sixty-five thousand square foot facility and bring in over a million dollars a month in tuition. 

A counsellor to Microsoft executives and a dedicated researcher, he personally holds a myriad of certifications; including, CTT+, Network+, I-Net+, Server+, Security+, MCSE+I, IBM PSE, and more. Early, Tcat acquired a fascination for the Psychology of Learning from his mother, a college professor. As a hobby, it has served him well. His unique style, gleaned from a study of renowned brain researchers and psychologists, ensures a memorable experience for each participant in any of his courses. His dramatic teaching methods have caused some to compare his classes to theatric productions. Following each course participants will not only will they have heard detailed explanations of course objectives, they will also be able to recall and apply what they have learned when faced with technical dilemmas. Although unorthodox, Mr. Houser is one of the most effective technical instructors available.


Angella Hebert

Angella Hebert — holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology (behavioral and social), as well as, an Associate’s degree in Accounting and Taxation. She has over 10 years of practical and user support experience. Within these 10 years, she has 6 years of liaison work with computer system operations and the social environment in a government agency. In the past year, she has lent her editorial, grammatical, and translation (French and Spanish) skills to technological authors, Tcat Houser and Helen O’Boyle. She currently resides in Montréal, Canada, with her husband, Marc Lambert, an aerospace engineer, and their 3 children.


Frank Jewitt

Frank Jewett is one of our most dynamic instructors who brings years of experience to his upbeat training style. As a certified CompTIA A+ Instructor, Microsoft MCSE and MCT, Frank is one of the most sought after instructors in North and South America. He is a recognized industry expert with years of computer sales, support and training experience.


Garrett Smiley

Garrett Smiley is a dynamic college instructor and technical curriculum developer. He holds a BA as well as an AS degree in computer network engineering technology with a concentration in network engineering in the MCSE track. In addition, Mr. Smiley also holds multiple certifications with CompTIA (A+, Network+, i-Net+, Server+, CTT+, and CDIA+), Microsoft (MCP, MCSA, and MCSE in Windows 2000), and Cisco (CCNA). His background in networking provides a solid basis for his instruction on all of the various topics that are covered by the certifications. Garrett's in-depth knowledge of the subject matter combined with his great communication skills allow for an instructional delivery that is both informative and easy to understand.



Mr. Brunson is an MCSE, MCT, and MCP+Internet Certified trainer. We have teamed up with expert and Microsoft Certified Trainer, Ross Brunson. He takes his successful teaching technique to new heights, and currently has a 96% first time passing ratio! He is also featured on Affordable Training's "MCSE Exam Success Prep Workshop" and our "Unix to NT Administrator Survival Kit".


James Parris

James Parris is an MCSE, MCP+ Internet, MCT and CNE Certified Instructor. He has instructed throughout the United States, and his reputation as a dynamic instructor is proven once again through these instructional cbt's and videos. Currrently, Parris is a certified instructor for 24 Microsoft courses, 13 Novell courses and 6 3Com courses. This course is a dynamic presentation of the Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5. Parris' vast experience and detailed knowledge of Microsoft's Exchange Server, combined with his personality and presentation techniques, make this video series an effective and fun process of mastering Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5.


Elizabeth Hague

Elizabeth Hague has been working in the IT Industry with SQL 6.5, 7.0 and 2000 as a consultant and a trainer for almost four years. She possesses extensive hands-on experience including working with migrations from Access to SQL, writing numerous stored procedures that are called from VB, using SQL Server DTS (Data Transformation Services) to transfer data between an AS400 and flat file systems. She has taught preparatory classes for SQL exams as well as classes for the beginner. Her students leave her classes feeling as if they have a much better understanding of SQL both for real world applications and for examination purposes. 


Charles S Dworkis

Charles S. Dworkis, "Charlie", brings over 10 years of information technology knowledge into his presentations that are informative and entertaining. He is the Senior Vice President and Managing Partner of Prima Technologies, LLC in New York. Charles' certifications include: MCSE+I, MCT, MCSS, MCSST, CCA, CCI, CNE, CNI, CNS, CIP, CCNA,ComTIA A+,ComTIA Network+ andComTIA i-Net+.



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