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We really enjoy providing an astonishing level of service whether you buy a course or not!

This is the best way we believe will benefit you - as our goal is to be your training partner for life. 




Our own in-house learning strategy is focused on ensuring that all our course advisors have the cutting edge, relevant skills and capabilities necessary to help you become a high performing IT Professional.

Our Expert Course Advisors

Our course advisors are some of the best in the industry. We make a big point to give you expert, honest, training advice. Each Monday morning we run intensive course knowledge training programs to keep ahead of the computer training market. 

Our course advisors learn so much that they become a 'one-stop' information source and also have the capabilities to offer you the best support and guidance based on actual facts. 

We also encourage our course advisors to work towards a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) qualification. Remember they are course advisors and not sales advisors, you are always welcome to call upon us even if you don't buy a course from Affordable Training. 




You are probably shopping around and may have spoken to many training companies. Beware, most companies employ salespeople and not course advisors. Time and time again we hear many stories where dissatisfied students come to us after being placed on inappropriate courses. 

For example, most beginners are put on an MCSE course - which is only recommended by Microsoft for people with at least 1 year's experience working with relevant Microsoft Technologies.

Why? because this course offers the most profit and sales commission for training companies. At Affordable Training we will refuse to put students on courses which are inappropriate for them, causing them to struggle and just give up altogether! 

Also make sure that you know exactly what you are paying for - if the company is not prepared to let you try out your chosen course before you hand over your money - be very sceptical and make sure they have a full money-back guarantee if you are not happy with your course!




Make sure that you always check the official Microsoft, CompTia or Cisco websites for the proper prerequisites before signing up to any computer training course! 



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